How Philly can recycle better and save money doing it | Opinion in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Photo credits: The Philadelphia Inquirer; Heather Khalifa, Staff Photographer at The Inquirer

Check out a newly published article by Alex Danovitch, All Together Now PA’s Zero Waste Coalition Coordinator, on smarter recycling featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer. See below for a few snippets of the article:

It will take state action to improve recycling, disincentivize sending recyclable materials to landfills and incinerators that pollute our air and water, and halt the subsidies that make it appear that producing raw materials by cutting down trees for paper and fracking to make plastic is cheaper than reusing the materials we already have…

Of course, the best solution to our waste problem is addressing our current system of consumption: In Pennsylvania, like all of America, we have a “stuff” problem. Our economy encourages us to make, use, and toss at the greatest possible speed. Producers of the stuff we buy peddle this dangerous concept that we can use stuff and just throw it away. But there is no “away.”