Brooke-Lee Farm

We are a small family-owned farm in Berks County, PA. Brooke-Lee Farm specializes in growing produce and raising meat rabbits, pet rabbits, and chickens (both meat and egg layers). We are pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free and raise our animals humanely. All chickens are cage-free.

Type of Business: Coopertive

Products: Fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, buckwheat flour, honey, jams and jellies

Owners: Sam & Kim Mallatratt

Supply Chain Role (Producer/Processor/Distributor/Retailer):

ATN Coalition Membership: Grain Coalition

Supply Chain Partners: Bolete Restaurant in Bethlehem, PA  Fork in Philadelphia, PA  Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, PA Cadence Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

Community Farmers' Markets: The Antietam Valley Farmers’ & Artists’ Market

Member Since:

Breezy Corner
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania 19522

Phone: 610-929-5541