Green Meadow Farm

We focus on growing specialty herbs and vegetables for restaurants in Philadelphia and Lancaster. We currently have a small herd of Black Angus Steers, and a flock of chickens. The steers are being raised for food, they are always pastured with access to barn shelter, a wooded area, and a creek. Along with grass, their diet is supplemented with spent grain from Iron Hill Brewery. The chickens roam free on the farm and have their hen house for evenings to protect them from prey. We use their eggs but they continue to live out there life on the farm after they stop producing. Green Meadow Farm utilizes our own growing method which we call minimum impact farming, and includes methods borrowed from organic and sustainable practices. The main focus is on appropriate technology with lowest impact inputs.

Type of Business: Coopertive

Products: Vegetables and Meats

Owners: Brendle Family (Glenn, Karen & their son, Ian)

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ATN Coalition Membership: Grain Coalition

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130 Mt. Vernon Road
Gap, Pennsylvania 17527

Phone: 717-442-5222