Morganics Family Farm

Morganics Family Farm was born from a desire to breach the final frontier of local organic production in the Northeast section of the United States and thereby take part in the revitalization of the local grainshed. The goal of Morganics is to provide top quality product, grown in organic soil and sun dried to perfection. We believe that healthy living is a continuum that involves our environment and our interaction within it.  By maintaining healthy soils and a balanced ecosystem, Morganics is able to produce nutrient dense, flavorful foods to feed our body, minds and spirits.

Type of Business: Coopertive

Products: Organic oats and dry beans

Owners: Organic oats and dry beans

Supply Chain Role (Producer/Processor/Distributor/Retailer): Producer

ATN Coalition Membership: Grain Coalition

Supply Chain Partners: Brick Farm Market - Hopewell NJ (, Z Food Farms - Princeton NJ (, Cherry Valley Cooperative - Princeton NJ (, Martenette Farms - Hillsborough NJ, Basil Bandwagon - Flemington NJ

Community Farmers' Markets: Bridgewater Farmers Market

Member Since:

225 Long Hill Rd
Hillsborough Township, New Jersey 08844

Phone: 215-704-7903