Small Valley Milling

We make 100% Natural and Organic Spelt Flour in beautiful Central Pennsylvania. Small Valley Milling is a family owned and operated organic flour mill and farm. In 1975 we purchased the home farm to continue our farming heritage and start a family. We decided to transition to organic farming in 1997 and continue to raise certified organic crops today. We became interested in spelt grain and began growing it and constructed a facility to de-hull (remove the outer husk, shell) the grain so it can be enjoyed as a nutritious whole grain or be milled into flour.

Type of Business: Coopertive

Products: Locally Grown Organic Grains (Specializing in organic spelt and wheat flours)

Owners: Steigman Family (Joel, Elaine and son, Eric)

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ATN Coalition Membership: Grain Coalition

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917 Small Valley Rd
Halifax, Pennsylvania 17032

Phone: 717-362-9850