The Time to Come Together is NOW!

Dear All Together Now PA Community, 

As we continue to face challenging times of climate disruption, political division, persistent inequality and economic uncertainty, we can assure you that the work we’re doing at All Together Now PA is a strong reason to have hope. We are committed to unifying rural and urban communities to build local, self-reliant regional economies that work for all.  

 For this reason, I’m writing to ask for your financial support today.

Due to the current climate, the timing of our work is crucial!With our new team in place, we are on an exciting path to building local supply chains across Pennsylvania for textiles, industrial hemp, plant medicine and food. Our work helps to mitigate climate change, unite communities that have been divided due to the political climate and growing inequality, and builds economic wealth within our region. But we can’t do this important work without your help! 

 Our current programs and future plans include:

• Continuing our work as the Pennsylvania Fibershed Affiliate, which includes returning Pennsylvania to its historic textile manufacturing roots using sustainably grown and processed plant and animal fibers. The revitalization of this industry has the potential to create hundreds of new, local jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating global transportation and provide a new source of revenue for our state.

Building regional supply and demand for Pennsylvania grown industrial hemp for building materials. Like textiles, there is tremendous potential for hundreds of home-grown jobs in an industry that sequesters carbons to combat climate change.

Advancing state legislation in 2023 through our P3 (Pot Profits for Pennsylvanians) platform, a grassroots campaign that calls for equitable Adult Use Cannabis legalization that prioritizes local small farmers and Black and Brown entrepreneurs and uses cannabis revenue to rebuild the communities devastated by the War on Drugs. (Check out our recent Inquirer Op-Ed, under the by-line of Tara Zrinski, P3 Campaign Director, and Cherron Perry-Thomas, Plant Medicine Coalition Advisor).

Please consider making a donation so we can continue our hope-generating work in the new year.  


Specifically, your gift will help us–

• Organize our first-ever Fiber Farmer/Producer meet-up and exhibitor booth at the upcoming Pennsylvania Farm Show in January 2023. This is an annual, week-long exhibition that is attended by thousands of farmers and the general public from across the state and beyond. 

Identify the gaps in Pennsylvania’s fiber for textiles supply chain by working with private and public stakeholders to craft a strategy that will attract investment and further development of this industry. 

Host multiple in-person and virtual Town Hall meetings throughout the state to educate the general public, elected officials, farmers, business owners, and law enforcement about our ATN-PA and our P3 platform.

Organize a State Capitol “Meet-Our-Legislators” Day to promote our P3 platform and bring awareness to the importance of strengthening small and midsized rural and urban farmers,  local businesses and regional economies.Bring greater awareness to key industry leaders and the general public about the many important applications of industrial hemp. The goal is to attract desperately needed investment in hemp processing facilities throughout the state.

 Thank you for considering a gift today! The way to bring about transformative change in Pennsylvania is dependent upon supporters like you – who believe we can address climate change, economic uncertainty, inequity, and division by all coming together right now!


 Monica Medina-McCurdy
Executive Director